Victor Valley Gem and Mineral Club

Victorville, California U.S.A.

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Field Trips

February 11th Gephart Hills

This trip will be to a new site for the club, in the Boron Area. All attending will meet at the Burger King parking lot at 9:00 am in Kramer Junction. Please email or leave a text message for Scott if you are planning on attending. If you make plans with Scott and it ends up you can’t make it, or are going to be late, you need to let him know the day before or early that day so the group is not waiting. This is a location not listed in any guide book and offers moss agate, agate, chalced- ony, and jasper in various colors. Petrified wood, palm root and reed are also reportedly found here. This is a low yield site but does have excellent material available. Material is scattered over a large and rela- tively unpicked area on hillsides and flat ground. Not being in any guide book is a big plus, who knows what we may turn up! High clearance vehicles preferred. Also not a good area for children with broken glass, and rusted cans in some areas. See ya there! Sg.
Addition from Jake; I read somewhere that off to the west of the road we’re taking is a playa and the hill above the playa has homestead ruins near the top, old home of the Boron Rock Shop owner’s family. On this hilltop are several varieties of chalcedony and Jasper. Occasionally a geode fragment and druzy quartz.

Contact Scott Gray for more information (951-492-9806

The meet up with be at 9a.m. at the Kramer Junction Burger king.

Our past field trips have included:

  • Afton Canyon
  • Boron Hills
  • Calico Early Man site
  • Cascade Canyon Lapis and Corundum.
  • Castle Butte
  • Field Siding
  • Gephardt Road Chalcedony
  • Grand View Mine
  • Hector Hills
  • Hector White Agate
  • Hodge Turquoise
  • Kramer Junction
  • Jasper Hill
  • Lavic Siding
  • Lone Butte
  • Mule Canyon
  • North Edwards Onyx
  • Opal Mountian
  • Quartzite
  • Rainbow Ridge
  • Sheep Springs
  • Tonopah Turquoise
  • Tri-Colored Marble
  • Various Working Mines and Quarries