Victor Valley Gem and Mineral Club

Victorville, California U.S.A.

Field Trips


Scott Gray, Wagonmaster

The VVGM field trip for April will be to the North Edwards area for travertine onyx at the Sierra Pelona Travertine Claim and for jasper, jasp-agate, and with luck some petrified palm root and petrified reeds at Castle Butte. High clearance vehicles required for both locations. Digging will be required at the travertine location to acquire large chunks so be sure to bring a shovel and a spray bottle to clean your pieces you dig up; the digging is fairly easy. At Castle Butte, material is found in float so bring all your regular col-lecting equipment: rock hammer, bag or bucket, and again a spray bot-tle. Castle Butte has tons of average material but there is a variety of different material found there and nice pieces can be found if the effort is put in and with some luck too! The Meet-up spot will be April 14, 2024 at 9:00am. Get an early start. It will be at the following location. Sunshine Market parking lot. It is a little market on the left at 13015 Claymine Road, immedi-ately north of highway 58. Last photo on the immediate left is petrified palm root, reeds sample found on the pre-site inspection at Castle Butte, Sasha, Scott’s wife and wire wrap specialist found it! Hoping you all can make it. Members, guests and all others are welcome to come along. Please sign in for insur-ance purposes and for complying with non-profit regulations. Scott Gray, Wagonmaster

Our past field trips have included:

  • Afton Canyon
  • Boron Hills
  • Calico Early Man site
  • Cascade Canyon Lapis and Corundum.
  • Castle Butte
  • Field Siding
  • Gephardt Road Chalcedony
  • Grand View Mine
  • Hector Hills
  • Hector White Agate
  • Hodge Turquoise
  • Kramer Junction
  • Jasper Hill
  • Lavic Siding
  • Lone Butte
  • Mule Canyon
  • North Edwards Onyx
  • Opal Mountian
  • Quartzite
  • Rainbow Ridge
  • Sheep Springs
  • Tonopah Turquoise
  • Tri-Colored Marble
  • Various Working Mines and Quarries