Victor Valley Gem and Mineral Club

Victorville, California U.S.A.

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Victor Valley Gem and Mineral Club

Founded: 1947 as a 501(c)4 non profit educational club - Visitors are always welcome

6/13 Special Board Meeting: 5:00 pm - Proposed By-laws Revision Review, if you're interested in this important aspect of our club we welcome your input.

6/27 June General Meeting: There will be an auction of 2 "as is" oil rock saws. We have a 24" Highland Park and an 18" Great Western. Both need some work. Starting bid will be $100 each, members must be present to participate and payment of cash or check is expected upon winning of bid or equipment will go to next highest bidder. Credit will not be extended. Please be prepared to take the equipment with you that night when you will have assistance loading it or make advance arrangements with Sandy if you need to take it another day.

You are welcome to come by the club and look at the equipment. Call first to see if an instructor is present or call Sandy to make an appointment. Come before dark on a meeting night, Wednesday, Thursday or Saturday after noon.

See attached Flyer for our 4th Annual "Snakes Alive" event Saturday 6/24 Noon to 4:00pm. Please feel free to print and distribute to all your friends, family, customers, etc.. Hope to see you there!!

snakes alive flier

Objective and Purpose:

To disseminate knowledge of mineralogy and the earth sciences.  To encourage study in these subjects through means of the presentation of public exhibitions, lectures, slide programs, demonstrations and similar programs.  To arrange field trips for exploration, study, and collection of specimens ...  The preparation, publication and distribution of articles pertaining to these fields.  The encouragement of interest of young people and fostering of classes in mineralogy and lapidary arts.  ...